Arai sk6 vs bell rs7 k weight

Significant labor in constructing a carbon shell. Arai SK6 looks like a nice lid. You really looking to replace it?

I weightened my arai sk6 painted and with spoiler and was by 1640 gramms. Was today in a shop and tried out the bell rs7 k size L stock. Weightened it there and it was by 1460. But when i put it on my head the difference was huge. Felt alot lighter than my arai. And than they had a bell gp3 carbon which weightens 1310 with hans clips and this was like having only a hat on you. It was soo light. Even the difference is very small in numbers the feeling is enormous. And i imagine on track this difference will be more extreme. In the rotax senior class whith the d2 tyres the forces where not so high it was not a big deal but now on dd2 with the d5 tyres its a different world

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Well, my Arai SK6 is for sure the most comfortable helmet I’ve ever had, but yesterday I bought a Bell RS7K size M and yes, as soon as you hold it, you can tell it is lighter than the Arai, however my Arai helmet is size XL and the Bell helmet is size M, and they both fit perfectly, I don’t know if the sticker inside my Arai helmet is wrong and even if it says size XL, it’s a size M as well? Although looking at both of them, the Arai looks bigger, at least on the outside.
I didn’t get to try the GP3 Carbon, looks great, but a friend of mine has a Carbon helmet, not the GP3, and the other day I was holding it and it was so light it felt like I was holding a balloon, I thought it was a toy, so I tried it and it’s an unusual feeling, coz you don’t feel anything on your head, it’s so light.
In any case, the Arai is still more comfortable than the Bell, not a lot more but enough that can feel it, nothing wrong with the Bell, feels good as well.

I guess if you drive a lot, especially if you drive nonstop for a long while, then it pays off to have a Carbon helmet, otherwise a regular helmet is more than fine, I’ve never had neck problems or anything that made think about buying a lighter helmet, of course I can understand the F1 drivers with those high G forces.
Mojo D5’s are awesome!

We gave here tracks with fast sweeping corners where you reach upto 2,5 g. And after half a day you feel your neck.

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So, outside of simply design, construction does come into play when it comes to protection. Most carbon helmets will dissipate more of the impact and usually they will be mixed inner liner with Kevlar that has significantly better anti-intrusion properties then most other materials.

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So finally got my Rs7 k the yellow painted version. It surprised how light it is. I got it in 59 and it weighs only 1420 grams.

Interestingly, I did 3 hours of racing with a “heavy” helmet because I had an external power supply attatched to the helmet, adding several ounces. I was expecting a neck workout from this but actually, was not able to feel a difference. That being said, lighter is probably better.