Arai sk6 vs bell rs7 k weight

I am planning to buy me a new helmet. And i am very interested in weight of both helmets. Would be great if somebody could could weighten their helmets ( non painted and L sized would be ideal). Unfortunately there is no exact data in the web for this Information. Thx

Just weighed a L SK-6, and it’s about 1.5 kg or 3 lbs 6 oz unpainted.

My size L RS7-k weighs in at 1.488 kg with paint.

I just bought a Stilo ST5 kart helmet. I’ll weigh it tonight when I get home but that dude is incredibly light. And it looks bad ass.

According to Stilo the ST5FN KRT is 1.660 kg with the comms radio in, I’m not sure what that comes out to without the radio.

Is that the KRT specifically or the ST5 range in general? The KRT wouldn’t have a comms system I wouldn’t think.

I know there is no plug in on mine.

Also 1.66KG is 3.6 lbs. There is no way it’s that heavy. But when I get home I’ll put it on a small digital scale.

Ok. Nice to know that bell is bit lighter. The reason is i switched to a shifter class where tyres a grippier and forces are higher and going to the end of the weekend i really feel my neck. And beside more training i thought a lighter helmet would also help

Also would note, that I’ve done before and after weights, and a paint job adds 40-70 grams depending on how many layers etc.

I was wondering. Considerable weight savings over an entire (normal) car, then.

If I had my helmet I’d weigh mine but I left it in Wisconsin :confused: I think the weight for every ST5FN is listed as 1.660 kg, so I don’t know what it actually is, just what they say on their website

With the radio set though, I’m not sure how much that adds to the total weight. If the radio weighs 100 grams that would put it right with the Bell and just above the Arai. I have no idea how much the radio weighs though.

Here is my Stilo ST5 Kart version. It was bouncing from

1475-1476 grams. And yes I zeroed out with the cup on there.

Forgot to note. This is a size large with the stock size cheek pads.

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Honestly, if neck fatigue is a concern, a few grams of helmet weight isn’t really going to make a difference. I’d prioritize comfort/fit when selecting a helmet, provided you’re selecting from one of the top-tier manufacturers, and not some bargain brand.


100% this. Two helmets weighing identically might affect your neck differently as well, if the fitment is different.

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I weighed my RS7-K a while back, it’s a size 58 (medium), bone stock (no paint) and came in at: 1.49kg

Hi, I have an Arai Sk6 but now I’m going to buy the Bell RS7-K, I see Bell make this helmet in Carbon and none Carbon, does anyone know how much lighter the Carbon RS7 K is compared to the none Carbon? I see there’s quite a bit of difference in the price between the two, so I’m trying to determine if the higher price of the RS7 K Carbon is worth it. I have emailed Bell asking them the same question but they haven’t replied unfortunately.

The carbon version is around 100g lighter.

Thanks a lot, I’m not sure 100 grams lighter is worth the extra money :moneybag:, probably not.
Thanks again.