Arai visor help

Got a new visor for my arai sk6, and I was wondering how tight everything should be, if there’s anything I should know about putting a new one on, and also the visor moves up and down a little once locked into place. Thanks

The farthest screws I usually have nipped up, the inner ones with the black slider I nip them up the back off about half a turn so the visor isn’t too stiff to open. Tighten up the black sliders too much and the release clip doesn’t release easily to open it up. Does that make sense? :joy:

Ummmm what do you mean by nipped up? Otherwise yes

I mean don’t graunch it til your knuckles turn white. Screw it down til it’s fully home then just a little more. If it doesn’t unscrew easily (like without a screwdriver or a coin), it’s tight enough :wink:

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makes sense now, should it move a couple millimetres once its locked down or did I do something wrong?

No I think that’s about right, if you mean it moves up and down as in open/closed movement. The little pin that slots into the locking hole in the visor is a loose fit.

If you mean it’s moving laterally on the locator screws that doesn’t sound right.

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