Are Bearing Cassette's Kart Specifc?

Are Axle Bearing Cassette’s kart specific? Are the bolt patterns universal? Looking for a bearing cassette for a 2010 Birel Monza but found a set of three from a Sodi Kart for cheap on the bay:

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They can vary quite a bit. Also there are a couple of different bearing races too. That’s not to say it won’t work, but you’d really need them side-by-side to be sure.

I’d have to say no based on my experience. Out of the last three chassis manufacturers, none of the cassettes have been interchangeable. With one manufacturer, the cassettes between models were not interchangeable.

What’s up with your current carriers?

'i have none I bought the frame without the bearing carriers. Trying to find a bearing carrier that may have a universal fit for a 50mm axl.

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You might have more success if you look for an entire assembly of axle, bearings, rotor and carriers.

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My question is cassette specific. Do I have to stick to Birel parts or is there a universal cassette that will fit multiple bolt patterns?

I haven’t seen anything marketed in that way. Lots of carriers have holes in different spots, but you’ll have to figure out what will work with your Monza.

If you’re based in the US you could try MRP as they are a Birel dealer.

Current Birel karts use Freeline components. Here is a link to a Freeline parts catalog.,
Seeing that you currently have no cassettes, do you have a brake caliper and its mount to a cassette? Not only will the cassettes have to bolt to the hangers but the left hand one is the mounting point for the brake.

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Also Comet carries Birel parts.

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