Are there any Winter Karting Series in the Northeast?

Maybe I’m doing a little too much planning ahead, but are there any Winter karting series that some of us in the northeast could try during the winter to stay fresh? Upon vague research, I notice that Atlanta Motorsports Park had one in 2017. Any others closer to the northeast, or indoors in this area? Looking for W2W competition series.

I know lots of Indoor Karting facilities have w2w Winter karting leagues, but all of them with their own rental karts I imagine.

As for outdoors, The Atlanta Motorsports Park Winter Series is the closest one I’m aware of. Go Pro Motorplex in NC is open year-round for practice, and they usually have their first club racing series race in February. (I don’t know if it’s the same for rentals there).

Other than that, there really isn’t anything outdoors open in the Northeast until March. The F-Series’ first practice session at E-Town New Jersey is in Mid-March, and the first club race there is scheduled for one week later. And that’s a BIG ’If’ the weather cooperates. This year (2018) it didn’t, the tracks were still buried in snow in March and the start of the season was delayed.

I think NHKS also run their world formula class indoors for a couple of races?

Well, they used to. But the indoor track that the New Hampshire Karting Association once ran some Winter events at closed down a few years back. So they are not doing that presently. I think they tried another place in Western MA, but nothing came of it.

Either way, the events there were not Wheel-2-Wheel races, but in a Time Trial format. The karts, even World Formulas, were too fast for that particular indoor track to have multiple karts racing each other at the same time.

Oh, I sit corrected on that then. I thought I saw some video of it last year.