Arrive and drive package in vegas?

Is there a arrive n drive package in vegas for rok, rotax or iame?

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Almost all teams offer arrive and drives for those big events.

Charles from factory would be a start


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I’d say 80% of the drivers are maybe arrive and drive?

Have a look at a pit map from those events and start making calls.


Yes. You can race for Factory at either Rok Vegas or the SuperNationals. We will not be the cheapest or the most expensive, and you will run as high as your driving skill will take you. High four digits for a full week with a new kart, a national level engine, and a pro mechanic. Practice sticker tires and crash damage extra.


Whats the team name that based in vegas? What about race tracks?

Awesome. Thank u dom.

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Sure thing james. Will definitely look up who to contact who in vegas.

Hi Charles. Factory meaning factory karts by billy musgrave? Youre the dealer for vegas area? Whats the different between rok vegas and rok usa?

I believe Driven Performance | FA Kart | DPK are going to be offering arrive and drive as well. @Max_Martinis can get you connected with more details.

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Yes. This is the Musgrave Racing Co team, who race Factory Karts. I’m one of the mechanics; my day job is as an engineer for a defense contractor. We’ll travel the roughly 200 miles/300km from the Factory Karts factory in Riverside CA to Las Vegas NV for those two races.

RoK Cup USA organizes and runs a race in Las Vegas called “RoK Vegas” a few weeks before SKUSA runs the SuperNationals every year.

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Hi Chuck, thank you!

Yes, DPK Racing | Americas will offer the Arrive and Drive packages for Vegas for drivers coming for these great events (SKUSA and Rok); we are also offering them for any other event in USPKS, SKUSA, and STARS.


You can check our page and submit your information via the form on our site at for us to contact you or send me an email, call or text me, here is my digital business card: Max Martinis


Max Martinis

For more information about DPK Racing | Americas: dpkamericas | Instagram | Linktree