Art of racing: winter garage decoration ideas

With winter upon us (apologies to Southern Hemisphere), laps are scarce. Let’s talk about ideas for racing inspired decorations for our trailers and garages (or sim caves).

There’s quite a few artists that sell prints of their work online.

For example: Guy Allen / Illustrator

How about vintage racing posters:

I’ve seen folks with track layouts on their walls:

Racing inspired furniture:

A racecar for your desk?

Anyone have ideas, photos etc? Show us your cool stuff.

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I’ve wanted one of those track outlines for quite some time, but have yet to pull the trigger.

So many on Etsy. Very reasonably priced, too.

Here is my setup, room and sim area, stuff I’ve collected over the years. I’ve got a bunch of those track designs, I got them from Linear edge, they can pretty much add any top layer like carbon fiber, neon colors, pretty much anything, I got a bunch on mega sale a couple years ago. I’m also a huge model car collector and love art, hope that maybe I inspired some of you plus I would love to see what everyone else has

P.S please excuse the stuff scattered across the floor, if it’s not in my way it not moving it, at least that’s my mentality lol.


Cool! I want Saint Riccardo smiling down at me when I sim, too. I love the fanatec airflow simulator unit as well. The die cast cars are something that I should look into.

Die-casts seem to be their own little rabbit hole

Very cool! Love the Spa track design…that’s the first one I’ll order when I get around to it.

Pardon the poor quality photos, but many of the posters/photos from my childhood room and youth are still in my house today (yes I have a wife who understands my sickness).
Entry Hall
Jim Clark

Downstairs Bathroom
Dan Gurney

Jo Siffert

Either side of the fireplace
Graham Hill

Denny Hulme (I believe)

In my office
A numbered and signed print of a pen & ink pointillism illustration of Fast Freddy Spencer

Cars in that era looked so cool. Much as today’s spaceships are insanely cool, the lines of these are nicer.

Got a metal one of COTA in red. I’ve got an extra that’s a touch bent for like $20 if anyone wants it

I will get you one for every race you win this year.

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There’s a store in Dubai - GP Extreme - it’s an Aladdin’s cave for man cave stuff

I discovered that Chris McCoy offers poster versions of the race posters for the enduros. He seems to put some thought into these, as they are pretty cool!

Need to make the trophy area a bit nicer.

Those subway cars are graffiti. Sort of a cool way for artists to sell their work.

Mostly I have rock concert posters from my days in SF. Shows were promoted in the Haight-Ashbury psychedelic tradition:

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