Asymmetric jacking - OTK Cadet


My first race season with my son (2nd race Briggs Cadet just completed)! I have just noticed when I have the kart on the ground that when I put full left lock on, the front right lifts up. However, if I then push the kart down at the front, the inside rear left jacks up. From what I’ve read so far, we are meant to have this inner rear jacking effect. What I’m not so sure about is whether or not I’m meant to see the outside front jack up unless I physically push the front down?

Another strange thing I’ve observed is that if I have full right lock on, neither the front left, nor the inner rear jacks up. Is this expected behaviour? Is this kind of asymmetry normal?


Karts have lots of front end geometry built into them to lift the inside rear wheel when they turn.

In your example of turning the wheel left, in a static environment, the right front will lift. But as you say, if you push down on the right front, it will cause the left rear to lift. This is what happens when you enter a corner and slow the kart down, which transfers weight to the front of the kart, thus lifting the left rear, which allows the kart to turn.

When you say you don’t see the same thing happen (in opposite) when you turn the wheel to the right, I’m guessing you’re doing all of this with no driver in the seat. What should be happening here is you’ve got a motor (a big mass of weight) on one side of the kart, but nothing comparable on the other side, which really affects the loads that are transferred. While a kart has no “suspension / shocks / springs”, the entire frame will flex. With the motor over the right rear, that weight is flexing the frame and making it harder to lift that inside right rear.

When you turned the wheel to the left, there was no weight pushing down on the left rear to flex the frame.

If you put the driver in the seat, you should see things balance out from side to side (seats are slightly offset to the left in the frame to balance the weight of the motor).

Now, after saying all that, it could be possible that the frame or some components are bent, or misaligned. If things don’t balance back out with the driver in the seat, that’s where you really get worried.

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Thanks for your response. Your explanation makes complete sense - and it’s back to school for me. I should have paid more attention in my Physics classes :rofl: Of course it makes sense that the big lump of metal on the right hand side would have an effect!

I don’t think the frame is bent as I bought it from a reputable dealer and we’ve not had any major accidents - a few skirmishes, but nothing serious :grinning:

I’ll try again with my son in the kart.

Thanks again!

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