Attaching carb - LO206

I finally did well enough to get teched, and I had to remove my carb. Just the carb, not the manifold. Anyway, I’ve reattached it, and it seems that I have it lined up pretty well. I tested the fit by gently dragging and pushing an angled pick over the area where the carb and manifold mate up. I don’t really know what the tolerances between the openings are, and whether there is supposed to be an exact fit, or what, but for those in the know, are there some things I should be doing to ensure I have optimal fit, or does it really even matter that much, as long as it’s pretty close? Thanks in advance!

My understanding from the times I have removed the carb is the manifold is larger than the carb opening. If you make sure the bottom is flush there shouldn’t be any worries with the opening impeding flow.

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Align the carb so it sits at the desired level on your engine mount. Then, make it so it has no lip on the inside. I always try to align carb/carb manifold inline as much as possible with the face of the intake valve.

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I usually remove the slide so I have a clear view, then slap a level on the top of the carb body so that it’s set level with no obstructions.