Autocross in an LO206

I ran my 206 in autocross last weekend and it did really well except for in the starts. I’m running a Noram clutch with light shoes and brown springs. It held 4,500 rpms till 30mph then engaged. What adjustments can I do to make it get off the line better? Do I want higher or lower engagement?

I would go for a lower engagement rpm, 4500 is well past peak torque revs.Standard wear on this type of engine in uk is the Magnum clutch with standard shoes , grey springs. Engagement 3000 rpm.
Gear to hit the rev limiter at the fastest point on your track, and maybe experiment from there.
Weight will be a big factor, run tyres hard, check for brake drag, set idle to just below clutch engagement revs.
Just my thoughts, we don’t do kart ‘autocross’ over here?