Average Height Increase for Seat Setup

I’m creating a seat adjuster plate for my seat. and I am designing where I would like the holes to be for fast adjustments. What is the average amount you would increase the seat height if you were tuning your kart. For example I have each horizontal adjustment hole 10mm apart because when I adjust my seat, I adjust it in 10mm increments.

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10mm increments sounds reasonable.

Interesting concept. Are you thinking about mounting a plate like this to the seat?

that’s the concept I was going for. Didn’t know if I would have to tailor it to fit the curve of the seat. Have you used that design?

I have not. I just drew it up on Solidworks real quick to get the concept. If you made it out of 2mm aluminum you should be able to just bend it to the curve of the seat pretty easily.

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I’m going to get a 2” by 36” piece of 3mm aluminum from my local store tomorrow and experiment with a design i have been working on. and i’ll get back to you with the results whenever I get something figured. definitely will be similar to your design though. don’t know if I will do 5 or 7 horizontal holes yet

also going to do something similar with the bottom and have the same sort of aluminum slider bracket with the guide holes for mounting/readjustment. but not going to start that until i get the top plate in a working order

If the holes are 10mm apart would the seat still be strong enough to support 2 holes that close? Basically if you wanted to move your seat 10mm forward or back, would the holes hold up or would they eventually crack?

yeah fiberglass should hold pretty well, but that’s also where the aluminum plate comes in. the bracket would be bolted to the seat to compliment the fiberglass’ rigidity

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I have an old seat that i will be testing it on, then once i know if it’s good enough i’ll put it on a new one

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Seats hold up just fine to multiple holes 10mm apart.

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Commercial version for reference.

McDouble Adjuster Prototype v1.0 is a success


what are you using for the bottom seat mounts for adjustability?

Once I finish the final build for the top mounts, I am going to go through each adjustment and mark the increment that the bottom slider has to move. I am unsure if it directly coordinates with the top mounts. i.e. 10mm top adjustment = 10mm bottom adjustment. But then once I figure that out I plan on just a thin 1 inch strip of the same 7 holes that coordinate with the top adjustments. And vertical movements I can just add a plastic spacer to account for the height.

Which I realize is not entirely a sliding system like the fast adjusters, but I can undo and redo the bolts in like 30 seconds so I am not really worried about saving 30 seconds for $300.

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Height adjustment would entail adding/removing spacers at the lower front. 2D side plates are just what I was wanting with the FAST adjusters.

correct, but like i said earlier it takes me like 30 seconds to undo the bolts and add a small washer.

Just wanted to real quick share my design. Having it sent off to be cut right now. 15mm vertical spacer, 10mm horizontal. Also made the bottom seat bracket which I don’t have a picture of. Will update once I receive the parts, and mount them.

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The horizontal & vertical spacing on iKart plates appear to be equally spaced.