Axle Alignment

Just curious to other guys methods of aligning the rear axle as to avoid binding.

I changed the bearings. I left the bearings loose in the carriers while fitting the axle. It slide through the bearings with ease.

Yet when tigthend up, there is binding. It’s not a new bearing tightness either. I’m going to loosen the carries and manipulate the bearings with a rubber mallet( a few taps) while rotating the axle.

Would this be a sufficent method ?

Would you guys spend much time in getting the perfect alignment of the rear axle?

Yes, or at least as good as you can.

With everything loose. I will grease the outer part of the bearing so it is loose in the carrier. When I have the axle feeling free tighten the bearing carrier bolts, if it still feels good then tighten the bearing in the carrier. I have learned the hard way, don’t leave the pinch bolts for the bearing loose.

So your method,

  1. Grease bearings outer race to allow movement between the carrier.
  2. Tighten up the carriers while leaving the bearings loose within the carriers
  3. Tap carriers, spin axle etc until happy
  4. Tigthen up the bearing carrier bolts

Slide the axle through one bearing and get it close to the other. Move the axle around and see how offset it is to the other bearing. It should have equal amounts of play in any direction relative to the other bearing. If it is offset and moves further in one direction than another, loosen the cassette pinch bolt and tweak the bearing the axle is in to get it to align better with the other bearing. Once you have it pretty well centered in terms of play, tighten the pinch bolts back up and slide the axle through.

A bit hard to explain in words.