Axle and seat. Mini intrepid chassis setup

I was watching this youtube about axle standard, hard, medium from power republic guy in aussie. And told by the local intrepid dealer here. That for my driver to achieve more flow-y kind of driving it needs to be cut.

Anyone running with intrepid here? Do they have a different type of axle?

How much different cutting some mm left and right too the driving style?

And the other thing is, i was told about is seating. Anyone using greyhound extra soft? My driver is using the standard one. What if i change to the extra soft one?

What im trying to achieve here to get my racer to drive smoother and more flow-y. Specially on the track picture marking on the exit he tend to do counter and it loosing couple of sec.

Side note : track is clockwise.

It sounds like the kart is either oversteering or the driver isn’t being smooth enough. To correct a driver’s technique by adjusting the kart setup is a bit backwards. First we should be making sure the main variable, the driver, is driving smoothly before chasing set.

A softer seat would make the kart freer and lead to more oversteering usually. A cut axle would help give the rear more sidebite in the corner, so the opposite result. Most short axles are 1000mm compared to 1030 or 1040 standard.

If the driver is struggling to slow their hands down and be smooth, I always recommend they move their hands up on the steering wheel to a higher grip. This reduces leverage and slows their hands down automatically because they won’t be able to steer as aggressively with less leverage.

Challenge him to do it in 1 piece from turn in. No steering adjustments once intital turn in set. After a bunch of tries he should find the set.

Doesn’t look like a particularly unusual corner. It’s a late apex. Save the money, imho. Interesting turn, tho. Makes me think of the shifter V question. This seems like a good overtake place. The fast line opens up your belly.

It looks like you overlay the track by drawing it. What’s the facility called again?

Dear tj and dom Thank you for the reply. Yeah the rear is slightly oversteer but on the exit (marking in the picture) the kart is kinda lost it momentum. I changed the rims mix, front aluminium and back is magnesium, it does help my racer to achieve more flowy. But i felt that it needed more.

The track called sentul karting international circuit

I see rubber down. There is his set. Trick is in the throttle application I bet.

Oh!!! There’s a cement insert… this makes things interesting. That was covered by your drawing. That’s important, concrete acts like a grip pad.
Look at the videos that were uploaded to google page for turn video (motorcycle)

Here’s some kart footage. I can’t tell if the track has inserts or it’s patched with rhino hide stuff. If it’s rhino hide stuff, it’s super grippy.


Single gear:

Yepp correct there is a cement insert on the inside. In rain condition its real slippery. But in dry condition its kinda tricky to get it right. If youre too late to turn it goes the the gravel. But if you get it right it’ll go flowy and thats what im trying to aim.

And changed the rims on the back it helped but i kinda felt needed more. Is it throttle control how fast the driver can control brake and gas on the exit?

Can you get us footage of what’s happening?

Here it is.

Your boy the one in blue who gets pulled on at exit in first vid? He holds his line nonetheless and fights off a crossover (other kid goes off a bit). :sunglasses:

Yessir my kid is the blue one.

Ok. Looks like TJ is racing this weekend so he probably won’t be chiming in for a bit. It doesn’t look like he’s sliding around at apex, which is what I thought was the issue. I’ll ponder a bit and see if I have any thoughts but unlike TJ and the like, I’m just a regular guy whose knowledge is somewhat limited.

Can you clarify a bit here:

“Specially on the track picture marking on the exit he tend to do counter and it loosing couple of sec.”

What im trying to say is almost everytime when there is a kart behind him, the opponent get closer on the exit, is it my driver’s foot work that needs to be correcting ? Or engine wise? Or chassis setup?

Ah ok, that helps. The way I read it initially was that he was washing out mid corner. Thank you! I’ll think about it and maybe I can find something helpful to say.

It looks like your driver’s approach to the corner, the kart setup, and the particular corner profile where the video was taken are just not in sync.

Watch both videos in slow motion (0.25 speed in YouTube), and/or step through the video using the ‘period’ key to step forward and the ‘comma’ key to step backwards.

This might just be optical distortion from the camera lens, but the turn looks quite interesting and complex because in addition to the camber, which seems to be a slightly different amount from the middle of the track to the inside of the track, vs from the middle to the outside of the track. It also almost looks like you driver very slightly ‘down’ to the apex, and then it’s very slightly uphill from the apex to the turn exit.

At any rate, when you look at the video you’ll see that your driver turns in to the turn much earlier than the driver behind him (like 1/4 to 1/3 the length of the outside corner entry curb). Because he turns earlier, he must also turn more slowly, and with gradually increasing steering input. This ‘shallow’ entry mean that the energy from the kart is primarily flowing into the track through the LF tire, and the building of rotational momentum is being delayed, which means rotation will also be intensified once it happens. When the energy peaks on that front tire (at or just before the apex), that ‘straight’ line energy rebounds into snap rotational energy, which is producing excessive rotation (oversteer) for your driver at the apex. This is amplified by the banking of the turn because that final load of the front tire is being pressed into the banking instead of just slipping across a flat surface.

Conversely, if you focus on the driver behind yours, you will see he turns later, and because of that he must turn a bit more quickly to get his kart down to the apex. This quicker steering, and ‘rounder’ entry to the turn starts building rotational momentum earlier in the turn, which means the front tire is sharing some of the work with the rear tire during the entry phase of the turn. Because rotation has started earlier in the turn, there is a smoother peaking of rotational energy, so his kart just rotates very predictably. This predictable, and not so energetic/peaky rotation allows him to get on the gas early to settle the back end down and get a good drive out of the corner.

He also ends up taking a later apex, and that combined with how he rotates his kart allows him to drive a straighter line out of the turn, which looks like it has more camber than the far outside exit of the turn that your driver is forced to take because of the early turn-in and corresponding early apex.

One last thing the line influences in this turn is how the kart is ‘introduced’ to the banking. That is, with the straighter entry, it almost looks like your driver’s kart fights the banking… like it crosses into the banking over kind of a diagonal crest in the track, which seems to help break the back-end loose. The later rounder entry, with it’s earlier but slower rotation, seems to ‘roll’ the kart right into the ‘sweet spot’ of the banking… it just looks like a more harmonious interaction between kart and track.

Anyway, the important question is; why is he turning-in early?

There could be several reasons:

  1. He just thinks that’s how it’s supposed to be done.
  2. He knows how it’s supposed to be done, but he thinks that’s what he is doing… he thinks he’s doing it right.
  3. He does not trust the front end, so he’s not confident turning into the corner later. (Or some other setup related deal is causing him to drive in a non optimal way.
  4. He is defending his position.
  5. Some other reason?

BTW, I’m not saying that the early-turn technique he is using is bad or wrong, and therefore should never be done; I’m just saying that for the turn in the video, it does not appear to be an optimal technique.


What he said! Thank you @speedcraft for your amazing read on this!

Wanting and consistently turning in early was (and to a certain extent still is) something I struggled with.

In my case it was basically anxiety. See apex, go to turn.

It took time to resist that urge and not go turn too early. This is also why I changed how I view the track while driving, keeping eyes active, not fixating on anything for more than needed.

Maybe your son is kinda fixating on track right in front of him and isn’t seeing the forest for the trees.

Doh, I was going to put “feeling rushed, stressed, anxiety” (AKA an elevated sensation of speed) as my #1 possible cause, but it apparently slipped out of my tiny brain when I was typing everything else. :joy:

Good catch/observation @Bimodal_Rocket! :+1:

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Dear warren thank you for such thorough reply. I also thought the same thing about going in to the corner a bit too early.

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