Axle Bearings Question

I have just been given another 2011 Top Kart Flash Rotax (I have two now) and I have questions about the axle bearings. It is a 50mm axle. Both the karts came to be with a lot of lube around the rear brake disc area which I assume is from the bearing being lubricated. The bearings have metal seals which don’t look like they would be much of a seal more of a dust cover. Is this a normal set up?

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Yup, that’s how most kart’s bearings are setup.


Ok thanks, a little different to what I was use to 30 years ago with the 30mm axles.
What lube do you use on the bearings, same as the chain?

I use Tri-Flow for bearings, Bel-Ray or Xeramic for the chain. Chain lube has to be thicker and stickier or it flings off. Tri-Flow lasts for about a corner before the chain is dry again.

There are a few topics related to lubricants on here but most people are using Bel-Ray, Xeramic, or Motul I think for the chain. Those are the popular ones.

I use these bearings, only because they came on my kart. But, different than most of my fellow racers, I remove the red shields in the off season, clean, add grease, put shields back on, and pretty much leave them alone all season. No spray lubes, no nothing. Seems to work. Front bearings are standard bearings, but I do my best to flush them, then add the same top secret grease and leave them alone all season. Most of my homies go the spray lube route, though.

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