Axle Damaged in Shipping

I ordered an axle (brand new) and it arrived with a couple of scratches. I didn’t think much of it at first but looking from a side profile it kinda looks more like a dent. I feel like a should return it, but I don’t know if the new one will arrive by the time that I need it. Not sure if I should be concerned about the damage or just ignore it. Thoughts?

In terms of affecting anything, I don’t think that’s a concern. Axles get beat up and bent and function fine.

I would complain to the vendor though. Maybe get some money back. But I would just keep the axle.

I would agree with TJ…contact the vendor and explain what happened and your concern about needing the axle. See what they offer you. If you bought it from an individual it might be your problem.

Okay. That makes sense. Yeah I recall a @StahlRacing vlog where they beat on an axle pretty hard for a while to make it straight. So I was thinking this little dent shouldn’t be too big of a deal. Comet kart sales has always been a good experience and it was clearly damaged in the shipping process so not really their fault although the packaging was iffy lol. I’ll see what they can do. Thanks again!