Axle hardess

I have a PKT axle D20 installed in my kart. I am trying to find out if this axle is a soft or hard axle.

That is a soft axle. It is commonly referred to as a “super soft”

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Does PKT make a hard axle ? I am looking for a hard axle to possibly put in my comet eagle.

The D32 would be their “hard” axle. I have had a lot of success with it in the rain but never used it regularly.

I’m assuming you’re referring to 40mm, 1040mm length, but this should help get you in the right direction.

Why are you varying from the proven 2.0 in your Eagle?

What are you trying to correct by doing such a drastic change?

Like Derek said, 2.0 is the “Super Soft” and it’s the go-to gold standard in the Eagle.

Just wanted to know about the different axles.

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Gotcha. Highly recommend leaving the 2.0 in! Not many situations where the Eagle will like you to venture away from baseline.