Axle Material

Are titanium axles legal? Do different associations/classes have different rules pertaining to this? I typically run a 4 stroke but just curious in general.

Not sure about USA, in Australia the answer is No it would not be allowed (point F in the first picture).

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Indeed you’ll have to check with the rule set governing the races you run. Typically only ferrous materials are permitted. So titanium, aluminum and carbon are out.

No URANIUM??? :joy:

I don’t see Plutonium or Tritium listed on there though!!!

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@Bimodal_Rocket this has immense meme potential.

I’m so bad at wrenching stuff tho!

Uranium would be a lot safer for ballast than lead. It’s a lot harder so you won’t get flakes and contamination of seats.

Ti is notch sensitive, which is a slight problem if you’ve got a key under the brake rotor preventing impact loads from spinning it round.

I’ve read that bismuth is an alternative to lead. I prefer to use 24karat gold, personally.