Baby Drivers on Discovery+?

Just had this pop up in my news feed today on Google. Looks like Discovery+ has a new reality series on karting. Not sure what to think of this yet. On the one hand, I like seeing more exposure for karting. On the other hand, reality TV drives me nuts. LOL. Anyone else heard about this?

Looks like this site has the trailer too…which made me cringe a bit. Feels like it could be over-hyped drama like so many of these shows.

First hearing of this, too. In general, reality shows kind of stink. I’m hoping this is better and less annoying than the last one.

“Reality” TV is manufactured drama. Just more sewage coming through the tube. Turn it off.

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I’m sure this won’t help the sport.

However, I know some of the people in the show and they’re good people, so I hope they don’t dramatize too much and we get to see some of the qualities that most of the karting community exhibits.


Yeah, it seems like those featured in the trailer are running in series like SKUSA, so that’s pretty cool. Having participated in documentary and docu-drama filming in the past, the drama is typically not generated by the participants but is manufactured by creative editing, re-shooting, and even a little script-writing by the production team. More than anything, I hope the show paints the participants and the sport of karting in a good light.

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I haven’t heard of this yet, but I know a couple of the families in the show. They’re good families and I hope the show doesn’t draw anything badly for the drama. I’ve heard good things about Troy Adams as well, so I’m interested to see how this goes. Yes, it’s reality TV, but I have more faith in discovery than whoever did the last karting reality show.


Putting kids at the forefront of attention is not a good thing for karting. It does two things. It brings unwanted criticism that the sport is too competitive and kids are under two much pressure etc… and often helps increase prices. Putting TV cameras in front of kids will do that though.

I also don’t think creating drama around children’s sport is a particularly healthy thing to do. I think we should be a bit more responsible.


These shows are rarely about karting when you think about it.

They’re about the kids. Definitely not my jam, but then again neither is TV :laughing:

This is going to be ridiculous.

Like others, I know many in the show. Great people but these shows dumb down what Karting is and manipulate who people are.

Kart Life 2.0 :man_facepalming:

More harm than good from this. IMO

I don’t think this is positive. When they were scouting for this in 2020, a kid kart parent was up in my face about my kid kart son for “blocking”. After a few seconds of the nonsense, I noticed there was a camera guy right next to me. I thought to myself - people really do this? I hope for the sake of the families that they don’t completely paint the wrong picture and get these folks get ostracized from a small community.

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Yay. Another unrealistic presentation of 95% of the sport. :roll_eyes:

Let’s just go ahead and show everyone that karting is ridiculously expensive and drama filled. Great idea.

Serious question and my thought on the money…

I know you can spend a ton of coin but why?

If you think you’ve got a child that is going to climb car ladder, why spend all the money in Karting.

I know in Europe you pretty much have to but here in the states you’ve got so many avenues to go through that doing the club, regional, national climb really isn’t needed.

These parents shelling out $75,000 plus racing karts annually have it backwards in my opinion. From 8 years old until 13, you’re spending $600,000.

Spend $15k, use the driver coaches, race a few big National races, save $60,000 and then have $500,000 to put toward a top level open wheel car.

Let’s face it, you’re most likely going to end up in the same spot no matter how much you spend up front. I see kids racing 206 going into the same rides as those that spent that $600,000. Makes no sense to me.

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they do it because they can.


True and all that said, I probably would too. :laughing:

I assume the majority fall into 2 categories. Those living vicariously through their kids. And those that just got sucked in. I know when I started my son in karting i never picturef him racing. It was just something to do to get him off the computer. Somewhere along the way it changed and now i would sell my soul to get him 2 tenths of second. I guess I fall into both categories. The only difference is I don’t have $75,000 a year to spend…

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There’s plenty of drama to be had between a couple of senior “Team” guys over here, they wouldn’t have to manufacture any.
A bit of a scuffle in the pits by a few of their supporters at a recent state championship comes to mind.
Kids shouldnt be used like this.

seriously? that’s a shame. be the >adults<, people! geez! :roll_eyes:

The Competitors themselves are “mostly” pretty good, and don’t give each other too much of a hard time, on or off that track, but there are people floating around the edges of their respective teams who take the Us versus Them a bit too seriously.
Ego from those people is mostly at fault, and as long as it doesn’t get too serious during the event its more amusing in a sad way than anything else.

So, casting karting in a “little league on wheels” slant. Yeah, that’ll be a big win. For the network.