Back In A Kart After 30 Year Hiatus!

Well at age 62 I finally got back in a kart for the first time in 30 years. I raced 250 gearbox karts back in the day in the British long circuit (road courses) championships. Yesterday I was driving a Topkart Rotax max that I was given and I had such a blast. Not the same power and thrill level as the 250 but the adrenaline was flowing mightily. I can’t wait to get back out there soon.

This might be the end of off road motorcyling for me now, yesterday brought back so many memories from the past I might have to get back into racing karts!


Awesome, looking good there! If I recall correctly that corner has an evil bump when you run the track counterclockwise. Great choice of engine, glad to see you back behind the wheel!

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Thanks! I know there is no racing series for the Rotax now unfortunately.
You are correct about the bump!

Let me know when you plan to go next! Yes it’s a shame for Rotax, it’s a great platform

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So, how sore are you? It’s been a while since you last used those karting muscles!

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Actually not too bad! I’m in pretty decent shape tbh which helps. Shoulder/ chest area a little sore and my shoulder blades from the seat. I need to get a smaller seat as I was moving around a little bit. I did purchase a ribtect rib protector which worked really well. I never used a rib protector in my past karting life, we had wrap around seats and added padding here and there for a snug fit.