Bass shakers (sim racing) thoughts

I just set up two bass shakers on my rig. They provide additional force feedback from the game telemetry. It is expressed through units that are like an audio subwoofer but do not generate sound.

The setup is a relatively simple one involving one shaker representing Fr and Rr and the other, Fl, Rl.

The software that communicates between the telemetry and the shakers has a variety of effects you can use.

I currently am simulating impacts, shifting but most importantly slip/lock and deceleration.

It is remarkably effective and a game changer. I strongly recommend this if you are at all serious about getting faster in sim. (And by extension, irl hopefully).

It is incredibly valuable being able to feel the braking, back end, slip etc.

In this footage from last night, in the audio you can hear the shaker slapping away at approx 40s as I brake into the final turn. Gives a sense of what I am feeling. These aren’t the greatest laps but they are quick-ish in 45s.

Anyways, just wanted to share if you had given any thoughts to taking this next step in sim. Unlike a motion rig, this isn’t very expensive and can be done in stages. And, from what I’ve heard, motion rigs are “neat” but not all that awesome relative to cost.

It’s totally worth it.

For example:

Plus a Sound card.



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Added two front shakers. They were a bit larger than I imagined and had to get creative to make some space. So now I have a shaker to replicate each wheel.