Batumi Kart Racing

My family and I will relocate to Batumi, Georgia, by mid-summer this year. My son, the avid oval dirt kart racer, has discovered the Batumi Karting Club online. I see from their online page that they sell a variety of Eurokarts. I had intended to buy a kart here and take it with us, but since I saw that they could order a kart there, I figured it’s probably cheaper to avoid the shipping and get one in Batumi. He is very excited to get racing on asphalt. I am wondering what engine a 10-year-old can run there. Any comments from the Batumi club?

To be clear… it’s this Georgia :sunglasses:

Hey, Batumi is on the coast. Day trips to Turkey. (I hear it’s lovely).

If @Richard_Jacques gets that Kazakhstan track going… you will be relatively close I think (but relatively close in that neck of the world is maybe vast distances).

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Rentals are gx270 Honda gas

Rule #5 suggests that we need to keep all 4 down, no air unless with an instructor.

  1. Landing in go-karts is carried out with the permission of the instructor.

  2. Before starting the movement, you must carefully listen to the instructions.

  3. The movement is carried out only counterclockwise

Oooh a league:


Welcome to tournaments! We collect the best pilots in order to determine the best and send them to Italy for the Grand Final! Batumi Karting is a member of the international series Tbranking. Our track also hosts stages of the Georgian Karting Championship under the auspices of the Georgian Motorsport Federation GASF

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I used to live in Kz, it’s quite a place. I like GG much more and married a GG woman. I think I know the mall where the track will be in Kz. I had been there a few times to shop. But it is impractical to try to race there when living in GG. The distance is too far. I would have to airlift the kart; we are talking big bucks.


Sounds like a cool place, mountains and on the sea…

"Batumi is an attractive city and popular resort. Its many gardens and its streets are lined with exotic plants; north of the city is the Batumi Botanical Garden, with a rich collection of subtropical and tropical plants. Batumi is the centre of a tea- and citrus-growing area; there are tea plantations on the city’s outskirts

Waiting for trump to be elected to settle things down in Russia :joy: