Bead locks on American style wheels?

So does anyone make bead lock wheels for American style hubs? Seriously, when I mount tires for the shifter, it’s a joke, takes 20 minutes to do a set of 4. When I do it for our dirt karts and my old Emmick, it’s a lot of not nice words, thrown tools, one busted finger and a not happy guy.

Okay, maybe not that bad, but it does take me at least twice as long with the non-bead locks, and part of that is me staring at the wheels trying to “will” them to mount themselves. :smiley:

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DWT may? I don’t know if they make those still, I know they underwent some changes last year.

I’m having trouble understanding why you find the bead lock wheels easier to mount. I mount a lot of tires and don’t find any difference.

Dunno, I just know they take longer and are a bigger headache. Maybe your a better tire guy than me.

What American pattern wheels are you using? I am going on the assumption they are not VanK machined wheels.

Most likely your wheels on the shifter are low volume. These wheels give more area for the tire to meet up with the wheel and make it much easier then most American made wheels. The VanK always seemed the easiest American wheel for me to do vs others.

I agree, many exciting words have been used :partying_face::star_struck: