Bearing carrier advice for a noob

Hi all, longer time lurker, first time poster here. I’m an absolute beginner when it comes to proper karts having only ever driven indoor hire karts.

So what happen was I bought a 2002 Mari Mk6 chassis with the aim of restoring it and racing it in Formula TKM over here in the UK. I’ve been gradually acquiring parts for it over the last year and I’ve finally got the garage space to assemble it. I’ve recently bought a couple of bearing carriers for it assuming they would be universal and fit any kart. Well they don’t fit mine!

The carrier I’ve got have 105mm spacing between front and back holes whereas the bracket on the kart have 95mm spacing. See below:

Does anybody know where I could get bearing carriers to fit? Or do I just have an odd-ball kart and I should try to get something different?

Just realised that on that pic it looks as though it’s a 90mm centre to centre but it is really 95mm.

That kart appears to be designed for old school 3 bolt cassettes, but the adapters that go in the rectangular holes at the bottom, fore, and aft are missing. It’s a similar system to what i’ve seen on older trackmagic karts.

Thanks for the reply.

Yes the 3 bolt carriers would be about right. The kart did come with one of the adapters, missing the other 11, but unfortunately it’s been lost otherwise I’d just get copies made.

Is there anywhere to get these adapters?

I’ve tried googling but I’m not even sure what to search for.

Doubtful you could find any, most likely would have to get some custom made. I know nothing of the Mari kart, and it’s vintage enough that finding parts will be difficult. I know there’s some on the forum that are around that vintage of karts more and may know better. @Alan_Dove any ideas?