Bearing Purchase

Looking into purchasing axle bearings mainly, but could able to other bearings.

How do you know you are getting the right bearing when purchasing from an online supplier? Then on the other hand, what are the right bearings to be purchasing? Going to stay away from ceramics, so looking for that real nice metal bearing to get started with.

I’ve gotten bearings that do not match the picture online and seem to a substitute from what I wanted. So before I make my next round of purchases come this winter, I’m looking for some advice.

What kart and axle size do you have? You can match up bearings based on the overall diameter, and width of the race that the bearing cassette is. Most seem to use the same, but for example the margay ignite bearing is a touch wider than the standard kart bearing so you have to use that specific bearing.

Order then from an established kart shop. It might cost you a little more, but you’ll a usable product. In the mid-west, I’d try Franklin or Comet.

Other than dealing with returns, how do I know I’m getting a quality bearing and not some junk from China?

Also, I’ve order an axle bearing from the picture that had the black shielding covers, but received bearing with full gold color shielding. The gold shielding bearing is much stiffer than the black.

@Sleek98 40mm axle. I am running a Ignite, but why are you saying I have to run the bearings from Margay? Are they speced part numbers if I ran the series?

You need the KM311 bearing.

They are just a funky size compared to most.

I have ran these in my ignite this year.

But due to time crunch got a new one from Margay this last go around. The only difference, that I can see, is the one from Margay has 3 set screws where as the ones from OMB only has 2. Same numbers printed on the bearing otherwise. I like the fact that there is an extra set screw on them, so I would pay the extra 15 and get them again from Margay.

You don’t. Even the better bearings come form China. The high quality bearings are costing around a $100 and up, each.

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