Beautician flung from go-kart loses €60k damages claim


(James McMahon) #1

Meanwhile, back in my homeland…

A lawsuit against an indoor track I worked at (lonnng time ago) was tossed out of court… Figured this might be interesting to folks in NA.

This is interesting because

  1. Go karts
  2. Perhaps more seriously. She was thrown from the kart yet the claim was still dismissed. Indoor rental karts in Ireland don’t have belts like they do in the US

Here’s the interesting bit…

Judge O’Sullivan said there were certain risks and dangers attached to go-karting. Ms Mikielewska had participated in the sport on several previous occasions and he was satisfied she was aware of those risks. She had been torpedoed from the kart which, the court had been told, had not contained seat belts for specific safety reasons.

An expert on behalf of Kylemore Karting had stated the go-kart was treated similar to a motor bike or quad. It was safer that a driver be thrown clear rather than be strapped into a kart that may overturn.

(Peter Zambos) #2

Not all of them. Usually the newer facilities do. The older ones, which usually have what looks and acts more like what we consider a kart, typically don’t.

(Adam Cupskey) #3

I have people think I’m crazy when they find out our competition karts dont have seat belts lol! I tell them basically what the article says. Would you wanna be strapped on a flipping kart with no roll cage? Then they all see the point.

(Dom Callan) #4

I know I’m a big wimp, but I’m somewhat amazed we don’t have roll cages and safety harnesses. Trueracers recent flip at willow was pretty hair ball. Stuff like that freaks me out.