Bell helmet visor screw broke off

Has anyone dealt with the large screw for the visor snapping on a bell helmet? It broke off and then I tried to drill out the broken piece and ended up spinning out the female end from the helmet and am now left with this hole as I’ve totally ruined the the female end trying to drill/tap. I’ve tried to get ahold of bell for a replacement female end which is a small aluminum piece, but I can’t get them to answer from customer service. I have extra pivot kits, but any thoughts on where to get this part or a way to cobble it together? This is on a bell rs7. Thanks

I had this issue on three separate bell carbon helmets in a row (I ordered a bunch of different sizes and returned the other ones but all had weird issues where the videos thread in) d it is such an absurd flaw for a $1k helmet that this will be my last bell helmet

Hi Bret,

Please send an email to [email protected]; tell them Max Martinis from DRIVEN referred you to them; already told them about this case.

Hope it helps!

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Great. Thank you max. I will do that!

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