Belt drives

How come only in jr. Dragsters do I see a belt drive? When I ordered my first kart last week. I could not find one that comes with a belt drive. Why is this? Belts for a fact last longer and are stronger then a chain. I use a belt in my 3500hp promod drag car that system is from Jesel valve assembly. Like shown here. Why can’t I find a belt set up for kart racing.

If they do make them can someone point me in the right direction please.

I used belt drives in box stock Briggs classes back in the 90s. It was nice as they were clean. However, the sprockets were about 3x as much as chain sprockets and the number of clutch manufacturers that made a drum with a belt sprocket was limited.

I think overall cost and availability were probably why they never took off.

Used belt drives for Yamahas, Leopards and Rotaxs for road racing. Your local kart would the first place to turn plus turning to Comet,

They’re used mostly in Road Race because you have to run a larger drive sprocket. The belts don’t like the smaller drive sprockets that are used on the sprint tracks though.

I have 2 belt driven carts and 3 belt driven transmissions that fit on honda clones for sale