Bent Axle Need Advice

Out at the track today for a practice day with my son and bent the axle on one of our 2011 Top Kart Flash Rotax’s. I’ve only just got back into karting and I have no idea what axle I need to replace the bent one. Do I need to get a proprietary Top Kart axle or are there aftermarket parts available. Also I know there are different stiffness options and I have no idea what I will need. The only marking I can see on the axle is very faint as you can see in the photo. Looks like it says Verde after the Top Kart logo. Any help is appreciated.

In case you didn’t see it, you have a green axle (I think, because Verde):

" The primary axle to baseline your setup is going to be the Gold (Oro) anywhere you are located. For example, California or Florida it is quite hot the majority of the year and tracks will become more rubbered up as it is run on all year. This scenario may cause the grip level of track surface to be higher. With INCREASED track grip surface, it is recommended to soften the axle allowing for more flex and free up the rear of the kart. The recommended axle choice for this would be closer to the Orange (Arangio) or White (Blanco). The opposite if you live in New Jersey where the climate is much cooler for a longer portion of the year, track surfaces may not reach a very high grip level. With a DECREASED track grip surface, it is recommended to stiffen the axle allowing less flex and helping to plant the rear of the kart to surface. The recommended axle choice for this would be closer to the Green (Verde) or Red (Rosso)."

If it makes you feel any better, the same weekend I bought my kart I ran into a fence and bent my axle, too. A quick 200 clams, gone.


Perfect thanks! I’ll get the Top Kart green axle. Funny you say about the fence as my son clipped a fence post at the track entrance and bent the axle :man_shrugging: He was mortified!

Tell him not to feel bad! I did the same thing, thought I could drive in between two metal posts to get into the pits, spoiler alert I couldn’t. Axle bent backwards, luckily I was only doing about 5mph, didn’t even realize until a day later when I looked at it on the stand. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry lol.

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Also consider sending to Axle Straightening

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*grammar correction


I am merely the messenger and did not catch this. :sunglasses:

Arangio? Cmon topkart.

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