Bent chassis

Second day in my new shifter. Really starting to fall in love. My buddy spins in front of me, no where to go, and bam. So much for my brand new Tony Kart! Hopefully I can get this straightened. Front right side is all twisted up. Can anyone tell from the pics if my chassis is shit or repairable?

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Oh man. Bummer. Yes almost any frame can be straightened (:crossed_fingers:). While never perfect again, it’s hard to tell unless your a highly seasoned driver. Find someone with a frame table that is reputable. Better to pay up a bit and get it done right then to bang it out on the cheep. Where are you located? Maybe the forum can recommend someone local. Also, once a frame is bent is can deform again quite easily so check it now and again (FYI I couldn’t see your picture).

I can’t see the pics either, possibly the post was submitted before the images uploaded?

Generally repairable, without seeing the chassis it’s hard to say.

Trying again ![image|375x500](upload://dItIBJL280JkT0K8GZhKnkrsSpV.jpeg) ![image|666x500](upload://nw4s16WjsZTBxYwU6Mqm5Ss3NOO.jpeg)

Is the pic on your phone? It should be simple as clicking the upload arrow thing below right where you compose text, hitting browse, and uploading.