Bent Spindle: Will fixing alignment work?

This is my first year in 4-stroke racing Lo206 and a Birel Art AM 29 Y S10. I bent a spindle (extremely slightly) from some wheel-to-wheel contact in a previous race. One of the mechanics at the club did a proper wheel alignment on the kart. If the alignment is correct, is the bent spindle (which again is EXTREMELY slight) still an issue?

Hey Matthew. I guess It depends on how bad the bend is and where it is on the spindle. Getting some laps on it and observing how it handles and wears the tire might give some clues.

Make sure your kin pins are straight.


Look at your sweep with snipers and you might spot if it has a funky curve compared to the other side.

If it is bent back or forward then the angle to the steering input is different. Up or down and camber is altered. I’d bet the more the steering angle the more the sweep alters from the other side, regardless of which way the bend is.
Slight is slight so it may not be a big deal ATM to you.

Conventional wisdom is any bent steering part even if straightened will cause something weird at some point in the full spectrum of steering angle because you can’t ever get the back to original shape and strength.

Don’t let all that stop you from trying it. It might not give you a problem.