Bent steering column help!

Make and model of chassis
2006 margay brava 1.6 limo
I need help with
Bent Steering column preventing me from installing my new KG 8.5 liter gas tank. Anyone with any experience on how to straighten them? I bought the kart used in 2011 and raced it this way. It has sat for 3 years and needed a new tank, i bought one that margay said would fit and it doesnt, thats when i found out it was bent.
What I’ve tried so far
Everything except bending the two bars20180814_04302720180811_015735

Either buy a new steering column or pull that one out and try to straighten it out.

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The steering shaft itself is straight, i guess im just going to have to try to pry the two bars straight somehow. Thanks for the reply

I can’t tell from the pic… but in some cases you have to drop the floortray in order to mount the tank between the steering column support bars.

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I will give that a try and report back! Thank you for the comment!

Ah, misunderstood the post, my bad.

See if you can get it in how James noted, otherwise I would contact Margay and see if they have a tank that would be compatible.


I tried it that way and it did not work, i bent the bars some but that was useless. i decided to contact comet kart this morning and it turns out that i have the wrong tank and nothing is actually bent, margay was wrong about the KG tank fitment. Thank you for the help guys glad to be a apart of this great forum!

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