Bent wheel frequency


Just wondering how common it is for rims to get bent after a season due to crashes or going off track.

Also, what is the best way to check if your rims are bent?

It it is bad enough it will be obvious.
Wheels are pretty tough. Wheel to wheel contact is hard on them.
I’d use a dial indicator on it if I had doubts. Check for runout.

What would be a good way to measure the radial runout, and is measuring lateral runout necessary?

I think eyeballing it is suffufficent. Provided everything else is straight.

Frequency, well it really depends on how hard and how often they suffer a blow of course. I’ve had rims last for years and one in particular about seven mins :joy:

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I’d be surprised if you could plastically bend a cast magnesium wheel enough to get noticeable runout before cracking it. I’ve smashed the entire outer lip off of a wheel and it still ran true.

Thanks, thanks good to know!

dial indicator
So easy to do I’d measure both while I had the dial indicator out.

You need to make sure the axle is OK on the rear
just because the rim is true doesn’t mean your tire is OK

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