Best #35 Chain

I am trying to determine what replacement #35 chain to buy for my LO206. Every chain company describes their chain as the “best on the market” but I am having a hard time finding real-world reviews on how the various options actually perform compared to each other. From a few threads on other sites, I have noticed the opinion that RLV Gold/Gold chain is popular and performs okay but is perhaps not the best option. It sounds like Regina Extra (the most expensive option I have seen) and EK Silver Pro are considered by some to be superior to the RLV G/G chain. Does that align with all of your experience?

I also am intrigued by the Panther #35 chain as well as RLV’s Reaper chain which they claim is “ultra free spinning”. Hard to tell what is just marketing and snake oil vs. actually better than alternatives.

What has worked the best for you?

Our preference is the Silver Pro

Tried the reaper and it was a mess after 1 day.

Others listed aren’t bad but for the money, Silver Pro.

Thanks for the feedback! I have not heard anything negative about Silver Pro so that seems pretty solid. The whole, “negative opinions speak louder than positive online” thing and all haha.

219 if its not illegal. Otherwise, Reaper or Silver pro.

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RLV Gold on Gold

Anything really except black on gold

On the chain front, what do you all typically do for length? Buy the exact length or break the chain with a tool and get the ideal length.

Break and use master link.

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Depends really… Have had some chassis where I use chain out of the box and others where I remove or add.

Comes down to where you can located the mount to get around weld and seat post location.