Best Battery for Rotax DD2

Hi all, it seems the battery I had in this Kart has cooked (dead). It is a Yuasa YT7B-BS. I am looking to replace it and wanted to know if I had other good options from my local Motorcycle Shop.

Also, is it best to get a battery Tender to charge?


Have good luck with the Duracell Ultra 12v, 9Ah battery. Available at Batteries Plus.

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I find the Yuasa to be pretty good. Got my kart with it and it still holds good charge. After a day of racing it only drops to 12.8v. Bought a spare kinda no name brand for cheap and even the retailer of the cheapy said it’s good but most likely 1.5 years max.

For charger I use one with 2amp charge but if you charge at lower rate it’s less impactful on the battery. In my opinion the Battery Tender .75ah is one of the better ones, it just sucks if you forget to charge and need something quick.

Okay thanks Andy, I stuck with the Yuasa and purchased another one. I also purchased the 1 AMP battery charger from Yuasa. Thanks for the info and take care.


I have a DD2, I use a lithium battery, very light, quick to charge, lasts forever, it’s perfect.