Best brakes for 1” live axle?

Ok so ive been working on making a m274 style mule replica. Its not a exact remake but its were i got my design idea. In total the cart and a full tank of fuel weighs in @ around 430lbs. And the cart can reach its maximum speed 0f 0-17mph @3.4sec and 17mph @3100rpm. Im trying to find the best but easiest brake system for the 1” axle. If anyone could give me any leads that would be great ,thanks-tyler

No clue but I like what you are doing here. This will be to transport heavy loads? Or just fun?

Thanks, Yay i have designed it to have a maximum load of 600lbs. But my original design was to use it a a thrust testing cart for small turbine engines. They usaly way anywere from 100-700lbs.

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I believe Seay Hi Performance have a system developed for UAS\Outlaw karts running a 1" axle. That’s probably the best place to start. Those karts usually run about 400+lbs with up to 90HP

Could you send me a link to a website or what is the price range for a full kit? Thanks,tyler

Looks like their site is being built.

Seay HiPerformance

1731 Ezell Rd Chesnee, SC 29323 US

(864) 316-4122