Best engine for moving up from 206

Made the choice to move up from 206 Junior. Thinking about going into 2 strokes and I’ve narrowed it down three options, the KA100, X30, and Rok GP. Any thoughts?

I would personally recommend KA, but you need to base the decision on class support where you’re going to run at.


Ka100 would indeed be the next logical step up assuming it’s raced near you.

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100cc is the next logical step, KA or VLR will depend on what is more popular in your area.

Something 125cc would be quite a leap but possible if it’s your only option.

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What is the biggest field where you race?

Where I normally race, KA100 is the only 100cc class.

The largest track at the facility I race at is around .8 miles long.

KA 100 is a dynomite engine. That’s what I wanted but X-30 was the predominant class at my local so I went that route instead. IF we had a KA 100 class for adults I definately would have gone that route.

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KA is a great package. Pretty much fool/bulletproof, quick, fun to drive, good competition. Can’t go wrong.