Best F1/ Indy Car Knowledge Bomb I've found on the interwebs

Okay, I’m ONLY speaking to those FNG’s (like me) that just found karting, got sucked into open wheel racing for the first time, and who are interested in understanding more about the sport. I understand the knowledge base and experience here on KP is profound, so this is just for the newbee’s on a quest for knowledge.

Its a pretty funny and entertaining video as well, and if you forego the controversial title, and keep in open mind, its definately worth a watch. Definately discusses aspects of either motorsport that I had no idea about.


Well, regarding the comment on the title, Grosjean did just come out and say kids should dream of racing Indycar and not Formula 1. Basically he said it because in Indycar, you just drive the car hard every lap, whereas F1 the driver is always trying to manage all aspects of the car.


While I totally love most of Donut’s content, sometimes their motorsport stuff is hit-or-miss. Some of the stuff they put out there is just straight up wrong or inaccurate.

But it can be a good introduction to some of these things; I would just take their F1/IndyCar content with a grain of salt.


The whole downforce = more weight thing was so dumb…
F1 fastest time around Cota is 1:32.0
Honestly not my favorite donut video