Best Indoor Karting in Orlando?

Quick question for those in the Orlando area or who travel there regularly: I’ll be heading to Lakeland FL with my wife to visit her dad next week. They will be heading off to do their own thing a couple of days which will leave me free to go rental karting! Of course weather permitting (it is Florida after all) I’ll be stopping at Orlando Kart Center to turn some laps but if rainy, what is the best indoor karting facility in the Orlando? A quick Google comes up with K1 and Andretti. Any others I should consider and preferences between the two?

@Bimodal_Rocket, you mentioned you take your helmet with you on trips to FL (I assume you fly). Has the TSA given you any grief about your helmet in a carryon?

@KartingIsLife if this is the wrong location for this topic, feel free to move it and let me know where it should have been! TY!

OKC does run rental karts in the rain, if you don’t mind getting wet and having a change of clothes afterward. Karting in the rain is definitely an experience you should try! Never had an issue taking my helmet in a carry-on either


OKC is best by far. Andretti is OK but your typical indoor modern thing.

Bear in mind they are closed mon-tues? for private stuff. Actually, that would be ideal… Call them about arranging a speedy kart for a few hours or maybe a training session… Check their driving school. I was supposed to spend a few hours with Matt last time, but the wires got crossed so Andre instead just sent me out on a speedy kart. If you want to go weds -sun the rental regular karts are available. I would call ahead just to make sure you don’t need reservation.

I have never had issues with helmet. Up till now I have not had a helmet bag so I’d stuff it in luggage.

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The helmet fits in my carryon… :grin:

But will the carry on fit in the overhead? I seem to recall that it does. Helmets are pretty big tho.

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Pretty sure it will. Push comes to shove, I’ll put it in my rollaboard that I know meets the standard.