Best KA100 Chassis?

I am looking to buy and run the KA100 engine kit in a few months and need to know what the best chassis is for it. I’ve heard good things about OTK chassis but are there any better chassis out there? I live in Ohio.

Whatever you can get local parts and support for. As a new driver, you won’t really be able to find the subtle differences between major brands anyway.

OTK is a solid kart, it’s what our team runs and we’ve done fairly well in KA stuff the past few years (2nd and 3rd in national points, 1st in regional points). But it depends on what your local kart shop is selling.

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As TJ said, the best bet is to find what is supported around you, and any major brand would work good. We run a Birel RY28. They say it is designed for the KA100 class, and it was recommended to us by Alan Rudolph at Speedsportz in Texas.

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So out in Ohio theres a couple teams.

QG3 runs Ricciardo stuff which is just BirelART in a different color. They do mostly 206 stuff but they have experience in 2 strokes as well.

Another option is Trinity Karting Group. They do OTK stuff but have been mostly supporting just club events recently.

CRP Racing also has OTK products as well along with Nitro Kart and they race at Route 66 which from what I remember is something you’ve wanted to do.

I would recommend going to a local race and seeing what teams are there and talk to them. Either a club race or Buckeye Karting Challenge. That’d be your best start and figure out where to go from there.

Buckeye Karting Challenge looks really appealing for me right now and I live very close to Thompson Kartway now so I guess I am going to do those for a while and maybe step up to something like Route 66 when I feel comfortable and competitive. OTK looks like the best chassis right now as they are competitive and there are a decent amount for sale around here but if I see a nice BirelART chassis or something similar for a better price then I’ll probably pick it up. KA100 is the right motor for me I think.

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I’ll sell you an '03 Birel R32ST that’s won with everything from an LO206 to a TM K9B on it - so it’ll be fine with a KA100!