Best LO206 Chassis?

(Daniel Eddy) #21

Thanks, that’s really good, and reassuring, information. How long have you been racing karts and the 206 series?

(Dom Callan) #22

I have driven a lot on hard compounds on jim hall’s karts. Those tires last forever. That being said, there was a noticeable difference in traction between cold and hot. The first lap and a half was always real squirrelly. If you aren’t able to tell the difference between hot and cold tires, they must be rocks.

(Daniel Eddy) #23

Well in fairness they were on rentals. I have no doubt there’s a huge difference between a rental and a kart Jim has worked on. He explained to me that there really is no comparison between a rental and a true racing kart. So I jus gotta keep saving for that VLR chassis and learn from there! But all u guys have been very helpful and welcoming, thank you.

(Danny Lopez) #24

Daniel, if you are in the Denver area, go to Action Karting at Bandimere Speedway in Morrison. If you can run laps under 59 seconds consistently they will let you rent an LO206 kart. These are legit 206 karts. Yes, they are rentals so they are a bit rough around the edges but it would give you a taste of what an actual race kart chassis feels like.

(Danny Lopez) #25

And I run into Eric Gunderson in a thread related to LO206 chassis… If anyone knows why I am researching this topic right now, it would be Eric lol.