Best Online Shop

Just getting into karting, buying stuff locally but wanted to get some ideas of good online shops who have big stock and ship fast, preferably near west coast.

Acceleration Karting, Comet Kart Sales, Fastech, Point Karting are several of the places I use.

Depends on what your after…

Have used Comet, Franklin, Fastech and Acceleration. I’m in the Midwest. But don’t ignore your local shop because one day, something won’t fit/work right or you’ve screwed something up and you’re going to need help.

Support your local shop first but sometimes you have to head online and even online you have to shop around for options. I have had good luck with these:

Depending on what your looking for you may find stuff in non kart place too. Metric hardware, oil products and racewear are some examples.

Only place ive ever seen sales on arai helmets and other products is Acceleration karting

PSL Karting has had sales on Arai helmets as well.

I like, but it is in Italy.

I use and

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