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First post, but follower and reader of others questions.

Where Do you guys/gals find is the best online place to buy Kart Gear (Gloves, helmets, shoes, suits ect)?

While a product-specific search can always bring up some new hits, I find Fastech Racing, Acceleration Kart Racing, & Italian Motors-USA are my frequent go-to’s most of the time.

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i wanted somewhere to go that i can actually SEE what products there are to even search for. being new to Karting there are lots of Kart specific items, but not very many places that have lots of selection of those items

If you mean pics, the sites I listed usually do show pics of the items they sell. Perusing items online can be a way to research & learn about them. Best way is to go to racer days & watch/talk to people.

What specifically are you curious to learn about?

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EVERYTHING, and anything I Can… I spent all last weekend at two tracks… I’m heading to an LO206 (the class I intend to race next year) on the 20th and just continuing to ask questions and learn about setup, what people are running, what DOESN’T work… tools I need, things I need to learn about and what maintenance I need to keep up. have lots to learn about tires, and seats, and so much. But I love learning… so it’s very addicting! I hope to have a good understanding before the end of the winter season so i can have a good go at next year setting up and running my kart. is another great one. If you live in the Midwest ist basically free two day shipping. Being in Ohio I almost always get parts the next day.

Ryan, where are you located?

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All my safety gear has come from acceleration karting. They have tons of stuff. Only thing they don’t have is the bengio bumper. Good prices, discounts on things that rarely have discounts and pictures.

If you’re looking for safety gear I would recommend finding a shop near you that you can physically try stuff on, especially a helmet. Not all brands fit heads the same. Simpson helmets pinch my forehead really bad where Bell helmets fit perfect. If you Google for a helmet dealer usually they also stock several other several brands.