Best protector to wrap stacker kart stands?

I want to wrap the 1-inch square tubes that my kart rests on, on a stacker stand. I’ve tried a neoprene roll and it wears through pretty fast, and I’m guessing a foam pool noodle wouldn’t fair much better. Is there something standard that folks use that will last at least a few years? I was considering dissecting a rubber garden hose and figured I’d ask first ;-).

If you can unbolt them I’d consider using Raychem heat shrink or similar

1" heater hose. Cut a slit and wrap it. Hold it with zip ties


I can’t unbolt them. Heater hose looks good – I went ahead and ordered Gates 28420 and will give that a shot. Thanks for the tip!

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Heater hose is the most cost effective for sure. I put it on all my stands

I used the heater hose, but instead of zip ties, I wrapped it with Gorilla Tape, which has held up pretty good.

1 1/4" Vinyl tubing, slit it and zip tie it to all three crossbars.