Best race suit cleaner

Hi All!

I am trying to pin point the best race suit cleaning products/methods. Especially products that can remove the deep rubber marks/grease

Molecule, hands down. Combine their Spot Cleaner on the rubber/grease stains with their detergent and it keeps suits looking new. I have a suit that is 5 years old that gets Molecule every weekend and the colors look new. It even gets the nasty stuff off that’s embedded in the embroidery.

Is it just a contact cleaner or washable detergent? I’ve heard washing in cold water is okay, but haven’t tried it.

The Spot Cleaner is a concentrated cleaner you use in combination with the Wash detergent. I soak all the rubber/grease marks with Spot Cleaner, throw the suit in the wash with my gloves and boots, pour a cup of Wash detergent in, and set the washer to its Heavy Duty setting (high heat, high agitation).