Best race suit cleaner

Hi All!

I am trying to pin point the best race suit cleaning products/methods. Especially products that can remove the deep rubber marks/grease

Molecule, hands down. Combine their Spot Cleaner on the rubber/grease stains with their detergent and it keeps suits looking new. I have a suit that is 5 years old that gets Molecule every weekend and the colors look new. It even gets the nasty stuff off that’s embedded in the embroidery.

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Is it just a contact cleaner or washable detergent? I’ve heard washing in cold water is okay, but haven’t tried it.

The Spot Cleaner is a concentrated cleaner you use in combination with the Wash detergent. I soak all the rubber/grease marks with Spot Cleaner, throw the suit in the wash with my gloves and boots, pour a cup of Wash detergent in, and set the washer to its Heavy Duty setting (high heat, high agitation).

Since Elias asked about detergent in another thread, I said you can use any, so long as you use just a little:

How much laundry detergent should you actually use?

To effectively clean your clothes, you need to use only 2 tablespoons per load at most—and that’s for big loads weighing 12 pounds or more. As staff writer Sarah Bodgan and senior staff writer Liam McCabe say in our guide to the best washing machines, 1 tablespoon is enough to thoroughly clean an average load, which usually weighs around 8 pounds. And if you’re hand-washing, Sarah recommends that you use even less. “When it comes to laundry detergent, a little will go a long way.”