Best Racing Line

I am trying to get a fast lap in my local circuit, but I am behind by 2 secs. Can someone advice to me the ideal racing line.

It’s a bit difficult without scale and from the google maps shot because there are so many overlapped images of the same track, hard to see.

Looks like a normal entry-apex-exit using full track with and central apexes except for these two late apex corners which open out to long full gas sections.

Depending on the distance between corners, it might be advantageous to miss the first apex by 3/4-1 kart width (experiment) to give you a shallower angle and higher entry speed at the second one.

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Good tips. Richards approach to describing how to set up/prioritize the corners is probably more useful than a racing line.

If you want help finding speed, post a video of the lap and we can maybe figure out where the 2s are being lost.

What class are you running? Regardless, one of the things I struggled with when I started and to be honest, still struggle with, is using the whole track. In my head, I was using more track than I was. This track appears to have several tighter 180 type turns and they are usually the types of turns that using all of track would be key to a good lap. This would increase your corner speed which will decrease lap times.