Best racing oil for Rotax Max Evo?


Are there any oil specialists here that can give me advice for the best oil that can safe my engine :slight_smile:

The best i can find here till now is Motul kart grand prix 2t.

Maybe you know a better alternative ?

I also here some positive sounds about Castrol a747. But more from friends with kz and x30, so no experience in combination with rotax

I’d just use the Rotax XPS at anywhere from 40:1 to 50:1 and be done with it. If running Rotax sanctioned events, it’s required, so it’s obviously made for the motor and I’ve never seen it result in any engine failures.

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Oil is always contentious and rarely objective.

I think you can trust Rotax\Bombardier for this. Remember that the FR125 is not as highly strung as a X30 or a KZ. There’s a plethora of different racing two stroke oils you can use, if you can’t get XPS readily.

Thanks for the replies. Xps is very expensive here in europe. Almost double the price of castrol a747.

Does anyone know problems with both mentioned oils during the 50 hour maintenance?

We use the Motul kartoil for training, and never had an issue, its fairly cheap and agood oil that do not leave much Carbon behind.

The XPS DYE oil is mandated here where we race, but im not impressed with it, its exspensive and leaves a lot of crap behind.

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Thanks Bjorn. I only do trackdays / training, so motul will be ordered then :smiling_face:

Im driving here in central europe and no of the teams is satisfied with the XPS oil. Some teams tested it against other oils and it has some drawbacks compared to other.

Denicol syn 100, castrol xr77 and also motul are very in favor here

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Thanks! That was the information I was searching for. Just ordered motul, but will check the other options as well

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XPS DYE oil is lets say, a challenge……

Interesting the regular XPS seems to work just fine here. Must be the dye additives. Is this just so they don’t have to use a fuel tester in tech? And you can tell just by color if the right oil is mixed in?

Seems like some food coloring would be an easy solution :joy:

Motul 800 is the right oil to use. I think Kart Grand Prix is an undyed version.

Do you use the grand prix motul, or the 800 offroad as Charles mentioned?

We use Motul Kart Grand Prix

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The DYE is so it Can be checked with an UV light, and its easy to see if you are using the correct oil.
The fuel is still tested as normal,