Best Rain Tires for Varying Conditions?

Assuming your choice of rain tire manufacturer is free, is there a difference in what tire you’d want to be on with conditions of:

  • Monsoon, heavily puddled track?
  • Fully wet track, but no significant puddles / aquaplane risk?
  • Mostly damp track but racing line starting to dry out?
  • Mostly dry track / few damp patches?

I would pick the Vega W6 for the first two conditions. The last two I would be on slicks and wax the field if they were all on wets.


For transparency, here are the rain tires I have tried over the last few years. If you are trying any of these, just go with the Vega.


BRIDGESTONE YNP till end of this year.

LeCont purple in 2017-2019 was very good in drying conditions. Not nearly as good as the MG rain in full wet. I am not sure if it has changed with the new homologation.