Best Scales to use?

I want to scale my kart this year and was wondering if anyone had an suggestions for which scales to purchase. I know that people suggest digital scales but buying four of those get a little pricey.

Maybe there is a certain model people are finding on amazon or somewhere else? Just looking for some suggestions. Thanks

I grabbed a set of Tanner digital scales from ebay a while back for $200. But scales are only as good as your surface where the scales are used - flat, level, rigid.

If there is a kart shop in your area, have them do it and ask if you can observe. They’ll have the expertise and might be cheaper than buying the scales. You also won’t be stuck with four scales.

I kept an eye on classifieds for a while and scored a set of Longacre scales with scale pad for $450. Split it with a buddy that has a light formula car and only spent $225. We just pass it back and forth as needed. Good place to watch is