Best suit brand for taller driver

Hi all,

After a few relative quiet years this year I am picking up competitive karting again. However, I found out that my suit, while arguably as good as new, is past the expiration date set by CIK-FIA. So I will have to buy a new one.

From a karting perspective I am quite tall, over 6 feet, but not very heavy. Larger suits are often way too baggy. I like the fit of my old Alpinestars suit but the type does not seem to be available anymore. What suit brand would you recommend that has a slim fit for taller drivers and is in the price range below 300 dollars (or euros since I live in Europe)?

Thanks in advance!

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I tend to like the OMP brand, they typically are slimmer fit from what I’ve found.

This is the specific one I bought being 6’1" about 185 lbs

Welcome back!!!’ Hope you and yours have been well.

I will suggest the sparco Kerb again as a great value. Pretty sure they make enough sizes that you could find a decent fit.

Since you are making a triumphant return to racing… feel free to pop by the thread I just made and articulate your 2023 racing program (or what you’d ideally like to do).

I was going to say go for a custom sized suit bit even the cheapest brands are more than $300. You might be able to find a custom sized with all the embroidery etc for $400. FIA homologated of course.

+1 On OMP KS2 Solid choice if you are tall & reasonably fit, great price point

Urace can make a custom FIA suit for $350

I wonder if he’d have to pay some sort of importing fee,though.

I think they have to add VAT which is anywhere between 15 and 29% depending on the country.

Us Euros love a good sales tax lol.

+1 on the entry-level Sparco suits. I have a Thunder and it fits pretty nicely.

Thank you all for your advices. I am not looking for a custom sized suit because my body shape is not that weird and furthermore I don’t have the budget. I will look into the Sparco and OMP suggestions!

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Thank you Dom, good to hear from you again. I am really looking forward to this season but I am also a bit anxious because I am not fully confident that I still got what it takes to be succesful. But I will never know if I don’t do it!

I see you have been busy with mainly simracing and rental karting, am I right?

I have been like you, sorta out of it for about a year. I also lost focus on sim for a while. I’m back tho, at least in sim, but with much less intensity. We can both struggle getting kart fit in 2023!

I am willing to bet you will be fine. Pretty sure karting is like riding a bicycle… we don’t forget. I get quick again, quick, and so will you. :sunglasses:

Who knows, you might find that going back after a break allows you to see stuff more clearly in your driving.

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