Best way to cut the bead off the tire

I have a bead breaker and tire scissor tool. But, the last step of getting the rim out of the tire is a ridiculous pain in the ?!$@.

After fighting with it for 10+ minutes, I ended up cutting at the bead with a dremel, and then used tin snips to finish it off. I have other tools like a multitool, angle grinder, sawzall, circ saw, which seem like overkill… but desperate times may call for desperate measures ;-).

So, is there an actual recommended tool for this? I would think something that’s a little longer for more leverage – between hand snips and bolt cutters – with a right angle to get on the bead without scratching up the wheel?

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The scissor tool will be able to accomplish the last phase of tire removal. Just repeat in a similar fashion to how you removed the first bead. No need to slice and dice.

do you mean one bead is out, you are trying to get the second one out? How many sets of tires did you change so far?

Yeah, once the tire is loose on the wheel, with one side of the wheel already out. This is the part on youtube where they tell you to pull and twist. Well, it doesn’t want to come off. Eventually it does with a great amount of pulling, twisting, squeezing, swearing. But repeating this 4 times per set is not fun.

I’m new at this, only my second set of tires changed.

There’s definitely a technique to it that will take some practice. Heating up the tire to soften it and using some lubricant can help make things significantly easier.

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Don’t twist. Just pull. It’ll come right off with between 10 and 100 pounds of force. You’ll need some way to hold the wheel stationary - the Hudson Bearings Turbo tire changer bolts it down, but a hole in a piece of plywood that you step on works just as well.

I’m trying to picture the plywood technique. Is it a sheet with a wheel sized hole, to smush the tire down while yanking up on the wheel? But yes, part of the problem is lack of leverage/friction to get enough pull force.

Cut about a 2’ x 1’ piece out, drill a 5" hole, then cut midway across the hole. Put the wheel in the hole, step down on the wood, pull up on the tire. The Woodrow Advanced Technology version then ties the two halves together with a pair of ropes, and places the wheel on a piece of carpet to keep it from being scraped.

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Ok got it.

got it, so most likely it’s all about learning the technique. There is no pulling to be done…you need to angle the rim and push down on the tire, using your weight and it will come off easily.

This is one of the best videos around, hope it helps. Different language, but subtitles are good enough Get to 3:10, that’s the part you want

Some rims are more painful than others but like others said, heating up the tires helps a ton

I personally use the tire tongs between the tire and rear edge of the rim and lever it out

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Ok, that video he mostly uses his own weight which seems better than what I’ve been doing trying to pull it out. I will get a heat gun and give that method a try next time.

The plywood thing, I guess the idea is to hold the rim down by the lip? I could try just doing that with the curve on the inside edge of my shoes.

Overall, what I’m hearing is: Get better, noob. :wink: I’ll go put away my angle grinder, now…

I got a Turbo Tire Changer & never looked back.